The Money Club  

Monthly Workshop Series

The Money Club:

Monthly Money Mindset Workshops to Unlock Your Path to Prosperity!

Welcome to a transformative journey towards financial stability, independence and freedom! 

Are you ready to redefine your relationship with money, break free from limiting beliefs, and step into a life of prosperity? Join  The Money Club and embark on a monthly voyage that will revolutionize your financial mindset!

Why The Money Club?

In a world where financial stress can weigh heavy, the Money Club is your beacon of light. These workshops are meticulously designed to guide you through the intricacies of money mindset, empowering you to attract wealth, make informed financial decisions, and truly live abundantly.

What's In Store?

📅 Monthly Live Calls: Immerse yourself in live sessions where our expert facilitators share invaluable insights, practical strategies, and actionable steps for cultivating an abundance mindset.

Exclusive Money Mindset Resources: Unlock a treasure trove of resources crafted to accelerate your journey—from affirmations to guided exercises, we've got you covered.

Experiential Sessions:  Engage in the live sessions to receive personalized guidance and expert advice on your financial journey.

Recording Access: Life happens, and we get it. Can't make a live session? No worries! Access recordings at your convenience, ensuring you don't miss a single nugget of wisdom.


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Continuous Growth

Each workshop fosters a continuous evolution of your money mindset and practical ways to move forward.


Community Support

One of the best bits: Connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey, share insights, and cheer each other on.

Lifetime Access 

Secure a lifetime of access to the workshops, resources and bonuses on offer during your tenure.

Meet your coach, mentor and facilitator

Sarah McCalden, PGDip is an award winning coach, mentor and trainer having studied with mentors such as Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. She is an international best selling author and a compelling force to reckon with – wise, innovative and authentic.

In 2018, Sarah 10 X'd her income by implementing the principles she was learning through her mentor, Bob Proctor. When she started to realise that she needed to put her money to work, she wondered what the best thing to do with it was, but she didn't know and none of her peers knew either. So she did more training to find out, educating herself and founding Money School and the Money Club as a result.

She’s brought some pretty special people along for the ride, as they navigate their way to wealth and wellbeing. She has created an inspiring life for herself and may others around the world. She also knows it’s in our adversity, that we have the opportunity for growth, and that really means the opportunity for EXPONENTIAL growth – if we really want it.

Now combining her passion for personal development, wealth creation and her desire to support people to live life on their own terms, her purpose is to assist those with the deep desire, create the lives they’ve always wanted.


Morna Haist,

Founder and CEO of Revolutionary Woman Global

Currently in my business I have multiple streams of income but I hadn’t thought too much about investments and the other ways I can build wealth for myself and for my family. I’m really loving learning about different ways to invest and more about investments beyond the things we all know about. My eyes have been opened to this big world of opportunities.


Alexandra Powell

Sound and Energy Medicine Practitioner

The most exciting thing is that I get to hang out with really powerful and motivated women who all have the same goal, which is to create wealth. Being around people who have the same goal means I’m continually inspired to focus on that goal, and can tap into the resource, inspiration and strength of the group. I can also tap into it for ideas, as a source of knowledge. It’s opening up my mind to all these posibilities I didn’t even know existed.


Silje Vincent,

Artistic Director

Sarah creates a safe place to talk about your goals, celebrate your wins and work on your areas that need focus.  Her book club and the expert guest speakers really build my financial knowledge and understanding on ways to build multiple streams of income. What’s getting clearer for me as I continue to work with Sarah is that no matter how small or big the steps taking, I’m getting closer towards my goal.


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