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Purpose, Vision and Goals

Gain the clarity, inspiration and motivation you need to improve your life's journey, discover your purpose and follow your dreams.


Clearing Money Clutter

Learn 6 simple action steps to clear your money clutter and create a shift in your energy with money.


How to get out of debt

Take control of your debt and create a debt payoff strategy without going on a budget and without feeling deprived.


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The Money Club™  

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Dive deep into your own "money stuff" during these powerful monthly interactive sessions so that you can transform your relationship with money from the inside out. 

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Sacred Money Archetypes®

Are you ready to make more money? Discover how to align with your unique money personality and profit from your natural abilities and expertise. Take the quiz now so that you can fix your relationship with money, and if you're in a relationship, by knowing your partner's archetypes, you can improve your relationship with them, too! 

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Success Circle Mastermind™

The ultimate mastermind for ambitious and ethical entrepreneurs over 40, who are committed to growth, integrity, full personal development and financial freedom.

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I specialise in guiding individuals towards holistic financial wellbeing and overall success. 

I help clients gain clarity on their financial goals, develop practical strategies to manage their money effectively, and cultivate a mindset conducive to success.

I provide personalised support, education and accountability to empower clients to make informed financial decisions, overcome obstacles, and achieve their desired level of financial stability and prosperity. 

Additionally, I offer guidance on creating a balanced and fulfilling life by integrating financial health with overall wellbeing and success across all the arenas of life.


I'm Sarah McCalden

My story has not been a straight line or one of overnight success, but it has been one of tremendous lows and tremendous highs.

I now make a living by being true to myself! I’m authentic, and I live with integrity. I love what I do, and I’m living my dream. A dream that for many years was out of reach. I’ve stayed open to possibility, learned to listen to my intuition, and have been willing to take the necessary risks to do what I love.‍

I became a financial and success coach, mentor and trainer almost by accident several years ago now. I 10X'd my income in 2018, and I wanted to learn how to make my money work for me, but as I looked around at my peers, I realised they didn't know how to either and no one in our industry was showing us how. I didn't know who to listen to. So I listened to myself and decided to create Money School™ to plug the gap and learn how to make my money work for me, to invest it, to grow it and also to help others do the same. I have truly loved every minute of the journey and uplevelling, and am so grateful for all the connections and friendships I have made as a result. 

I am also a passionate advocate for children - for their right to play,  their self directed education, and their self actualisation - so I run a passion project for young people, helping them to build their self esteem and learn key principles to help them succeed in their future.

I have two sons currently aged 12 and 15, who are happily home educated and I have a husband who is an amazing artist. I love the outdoors, especially going for walks along the beach and in the countryside and I love spending time with great friends. Life is good!‍

I overcame a life-threatening drug addiction in my 20s and this feat has had a major influence on my life since. It's the toughest thing I've overcome and I'm grateful every day, to be alive. Addiction is not a moral issue. It's a treatable illness. It took a lot of inner work over many, many years to get to where I am today – someone fulfilled through my service to others, with a loving family and a drive to know my limits. From someone who felt worthless, to someone who knows she’s worth it, I know what it takes to build self worth and self esteem. If I can transform my life, I have no doubt that you can transform yours. 

My mission is to help people achieve financial freedom and live their most fully expressed life, through personal growth. I’d like to support you in your journey. Let me help you lean into your next step so that you can live your most fully expressed life and get on track to your destination.


"What an amazing coach Sarah is. Having attend a few of her workshops, including 'Path to Financial Freedom' - I have to say it was absolutely incredible. It was the catalyst for change that I needed."

- Lee Markham

"Sarah is a real treasure. The skill, knowledge and heart she shares at every event  is highly valuable. Impossible not to learn and grow when I'm in Sarah's space... authentic, intelligent, compassionate and patient - she is a rare gem indeed."

- Cat Ash

"Not only did I receive invaluable advice and strategies to grow my business, I know she will always be there to support me. Her unique view on life is refreshing, along with her brave spirit, which is inspiring. Forever grateful for your belief in me Sarah, thank you."

- Annabelle Richards