Sacred Money Archetypes®  Assessment

Are you frustrated by the feeling that no matter how much you save, you never seem to have enough for the things that truly matter to you? 

Do you seem to never be able to say no to the credit card? Something always shows up that you either don't have the cash for, or don't want to spend the cash for, and the credit card gets used, keeping you in a perpetual debt cycle?

Do you find yourself constantly seeking ways to turn your dreams of financial abundance into tangible results, yet you are unsure of where to start or how to make it happen? 

Do you find yourself sacrificing personal time and well-being to maintain your position of financial stability, struggling to strike a balance between work and life outside the office?

Do you feel the strain of financial decisions impacting on your relationships, struggling to find harmony between your desire for financial security and maintaining healthy connections with your significant other? 

Whether you're a compulsive spender, stuck in rut of limited income or a debt cycle, paralysed by the fear of investing, a so called workaholic, or struggling with the issue of finances in your relationship, this quiz is your first step towards financial empowerment. 

Uncover your money patterns. Gain deep insights into why you handle money the way you do. Discover your dominant money archetype and understand how it influences your financial decisions.

Armed with self-awareness, you'll learn how to harness your strengths and overcome your challenges. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to abundance! 

Imagine a life where you confidently manage your finances, effortlessly grow your income, and fearlessly invest in your dreams. It's within reach, and it starts with a simple quiz. 

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Silje Vincent

Understanding my Sacred Money Archetypes® has really helped me to understand myself and my money habits - who I was as a spender and the person I am growing into. It's helped me to see my strengths and weaknesses and how I can move forward to create the financial successes I am visualising. What's getting clearer for me as I continue to work with Sarah is that no matter how small or large the steps taken, it's getting me closer to my goal.

Fiona Stolze

The Sacred Money Archetypes® has been my favourite class of Sarah's so far. These classes have truly given me so many valuable insights into all my skills and strengths that I just haven't been able to properly see until now. I now have tools to let different aspects of myself (my archetypes) step forward and weave together to carve out my very unique niche and be prosperous in that. We had great homework exercises each week which took us on a real journey of exploration and discovery. Sarah, you're a gem. Thank you. 

Abigail Siwan

My life has definitely changed since having Sarah McCalden in my space. The Sacred Money Archetypes® were the initial inspiration for me and making these discoveries continues to help me understand my gaps about money within my life, but she shares more than that. My money mindset continues to grow and I am sooooo grateful. She loves what she does and shares the joys so openly, with giggles and grace and inclusivity. Thank you Sarah. X