“These Success Principles have immense power to change young people’s lives. They powerfully increase self esteem, sky rocket self confidence, and exponentionally improve results.”

Sarah McCalden


For Schools, Colleges and Young People in Other Settings


For Schools, Colleges 


  • Evidence based framework
  • Character education
  • Fulfil the OFSTED personal development framework criteria
  • Achieve the Gatsby benchmarks
  • Increase student engagement and good results
  • Personal and professional development for all staff and students for increased motivation, performance and results across the board.

For Young People:

  • Increase emotional wellbeing
  • Develop resilience and communication skills
  • Improve motivation, perseverance, respect, tolerance and empathy
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Gain clarity and feel in control of their future
  • Develop a roadmap for setting and achieving their goals
  • Build trust and confidence with peers
  • Develop self-control, self-regulation and self awareness
  • Develop employability, independence, initiative and leadership
  • Develop a positive mindset with money

About the Success Principles

Human Potential Thought Leader

Jack Canfield began his career as a high school teacher in inner city Chicago. While struggling to get his students engaged in learning, Jack found that the power of story help him connect with his students and ignite their spark for learning. This experience was the inspiration behind the world famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series and his Building Self Esteem in the Classroom teacher’s guide. Jack Canfield has been teaching the principles outlined in his book, Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, to adults interested in personal development, leadership development and business success. The success principles work is a compilation of over thirty years of research, experience and powerful content including activities, strategies, exercises, tools and techniques designed to build self esteem and self advocacy, manage stress, overcome limiting beliefs, process emotions, expand creativity and harness the power of the brain and the heart to create a life of passion, purpose and success, however we choose to define it.The experiential nature of the work promotes connection with self and others while creating an environment that is safe, supportive and conducive to learning and growing and now the Success Principles are being taught to young people too.

To that end, Sarah, as one of Jack’s Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainers, delivers a comprehensive evidence based curriculum to schools and colleges. This proven coaching framework has worked for over 40 years and she uses proven coaching tools and techniques to help students build self-esteem and take control of their future.

Delivered in a fun and engaging way, the bedrock of the curriculum is the idea that leadership qualities and personal achievement are not accidents of birth or privilege. They are the result of thinking and doing – of planning and following through. Moreover, the power to achieve and lead are skills that can be learned.

So let’s use these proven tools and techniques from the Canfield Training Group to help your students aspire to and achieve greatness. 

Kayla, Student, Northumberland

"I feel happier. I feel good about myself. I feel like I am doing better."

Molly, Student - Northumberland

“I loved doing the workshop. I'm taking my card home and saying my affirmations every night!"

Hunter, Home Ed Student, Newcastle

“I loved deciding my goals. My favourite session was focusing on what I really want and writing down my goals. It was really fun!"

Kamali, Student – Haringey 6th Form College

“Thank you VERY much for your guidance. You have helped me so much.”

Lisa Westray - Principal, Haringey 6th Form College

“People were amazed! Thanks so much Sarah for working with the guys. I know they are going to do so well in their exams. Cant wait for them to start!!!”

Annabelle - Parent, Home Education Sessions

“Thank you so much Sarah. The course is great and the feedback from all the kids is fab!”

About Sarah

Sarah McCalden is a certified coach, mentor, an expert in children and young people’s development, play and learning, and a Canfield Success Principles Trainer.

Sarah has worked with children, teens young adults and youth services for over 16 years and has a PGDip in Professional Studies in Children’s Play. She has worked with local authorities, schools, adventure playgrounds and other organisations to plan for children and provide child-led opportunities, boosting young people’s self esteem, fulfilment and self-actualisation.

 Working with young people over the years and drawing on her own personal experiences from her own childhood and young adulthood, and in overcoming adversity, Sarah has noticed that lack of connection to self and others, limiting beliefs about what’s possible and achievable and lack of vision for the future are related to low self esteem and low self esteem is directly related to poor academic performance in school. As self esteem and self concept increase, so does performance.

 When Sarah was first introduced to Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, she knew that the content would have tremendous impact on children and young adults in secondary schools, colleges and universities.  

She reached out to friends and acquaintances involved in these institutions to find a way to reach these young people and help them to have amazing transformations from the inside out. She knew deep down, that this work was the most important work she could do. 

 Sarah has an Enhanced DBS and is registered on the Update Service.